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Shinhwa is a popular South Korean boy band and hip hop group. The group is consists of a total of six members with three vocalists and three rappers. They had debuted on the 24th of March, 1998. They had enjoyed much success alongside with other idols such as Sechs Kies, g.o.d, Turbo, Fin. K.L., H.O.T and S.E.S. Shinhwa means myth or legend in the Korean language.

The group was initially formed under the management of SM Entertainment, but then they had signed a new contract to another label namely, Good Entertainment, in July 2003. While they are still under the said management company as Shinhwa, each of their members have all left the entertainment to have focus with their own solo activities that had started from acting and ending up as solo. Aside from singing and performing as Shinhwa and individuals who are acting, the group had also served as the mentors of the group Battle.

Despite the members Eric, Dong Wan and Min Woo has been enlisted for their military service in the year 2008, member Jun Jin was then list for the year 2009, Andy in the year 2010 and Hye Sung is exempted to do military service because of his serious knee injury that he got from a concert in the year 2001.

Shinhwa had raised the awareness in the entire South Korea, including their fans when they had reached their 10th anniversary on the 24th of March, 2008. Additional to them reaching 10 years, many other Korean bands had look up to the members of the group as their idols. In the celebration of the said anniversary, Shinhwa had done a 10th Anniversary Concert and at the same released their 9th album.

After the celebration of their 10th anniversary as well as the release of their 9th album, the members then begun to work for their solo careers. Dong Wan had released his 2nd solo studio album and Jun Jin released his 1st solo album and joined as the 7th member of Infinity Challenge. Min Woo had also released his 3rd solo studio album with Hye Sung on his 3rd solo studio album. Hye Sung had then also released Part 2 of his 3rd album on the January of year 2009. Eric had gone to star in a drama, Strongest Chilwoo, and had gone to be the first member of the group that was enlisted on October 2008.

Dong Wan had then released a single album and was enlisted in November 2008. Members Eric, Dong Wan, and Hye Sung have their own schedules and Dong Wan had promised that Shihwa will be having their comeback with another album on their 14th anniversary. Until that, Eric is continuing his drama, Poseidon, and Hye Sung has announced that he will release a 4th solo album on the June 2011. Even though they are not together, their fans had still celebrated their 13th anniversary and member Jun Jin was reported to finish his military service at the end of 2011.