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SHINee member Taemin reveals the other members’ reaction to his new songs.

On the latest broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” Taemin appeared as a special guest and talked about the other members of SHINee.

When the DJ asks him, “What were the reactions of the SHINee members when they first listened to your song?” Taemin then responds, “To be honest, since ‘Press Your Number’ was already an old song, the other SHINee members already knew about it.”

He adds, “However, when I let Jonghyun listen to ‘Drip Drop,’ he was surprised and was saying ‘To think that there was a music like this.’”

Taemin also adds that he and Jonghyun talk a lot with regards to music by saying, “To be honest, whether it is about our personal directional nature or the likes, Jonghyun and I would talk a lot about music. Whenever I talk to Jonghyun, I learn a lot. We often give each other a lot of advice. With regards to ‘Drip Drop,’ it has some kind of sensational feeling and there is also a shame that I can’t show this through the stage.”

With regards to the female vocal in “Drip Drop,” Taemin reveals, “There are a lot of people who are curious about this. It is the voice of someone who is professionally part of the chorus.”

Meanwhile, Taemin is currently promoting his new solo album “Press It” with its lead track “Press Your Number.”

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