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SHINee member Jonghyun recently responds to accusations of him being a misogynist.

On July 11, Jonghyun posts on his Instagram account, “I think that one should not overreact to small things. I also think that the basis of a life of learning is that you try to understand people’s views and be able to correct your wrong opinions. I am posting this because as a man who has a mother and sister, rumors has been going around that I am a misogynist and that I have said misogynistic statements.”

“If these stories would go around and I stay quiet about it, people would believe that I am a misogynist. That would be a big problem and a stain which I may not be able to remove,” Jonghyun continues.

He adds, “I am not a misogynist and I did not say any misogynistic statements. If what I have said have offended anyone, I would like to know what I have said which has offended to you. ”

Jonghyun then posts on his Twitter a transcript of the conversation between him and singer Nine from the group Dear Cloud which have caused the controversy. In the recording, Jonghyun says, “Women are blessed beings. They are inspiration to artists. They make all poems write poems, painters paint and singers sing.”

Jonghyun then explains his statement which has caused the controversy, “When I said that women are blessed and the source of inspiration does not mean that they are below me.” He continues, “Some people wondered if I consider women as objects for the sake of creativity, however there is not a thing in the world which is used for objects for creation. One simply expresses what has already exist through art.”