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Actress Shin Hye Sun reveals that she is a big fan of actor Won Bin and became an actress because of him.

On the recent episode of KBS2TV’s “Happy Together,” Shin Hye Sun appeared as a special guest and revealed her motivation with regards to pursuing acting.

The actress reveals, “I watched the drama ‘Autumn in My Heart’ when I was still an elementary school student. I immediately fell for Won Bin.”

She adds, “I avoided watching television shows that he is in, simply because I could not stare him in the eyes. I really liked him that much.”

Shin Hye Sun also adds that watching Won Bin on the big screen would be too overwhelming for her. “I could not even go to watch ‘Man From Nowhere’ in movie theaters. As a fan, I wanted to improve the ticket sales, however, I was unable to do that,” she reveals.

She also reveals her plans if she gets to act alongside her favorite star by saying, “If I ever get the chance to act with him, I plan to stay calm. I do not want to make Won Bin uncomfortable.”

Shin Hye Sun 2

Moreover, Shin Hye Sun sends a video message to her idol by saying, “My youth was filled with so much happiness thanks to you. Please appear on many acting projects and be happy.”

Meanwhile, the actress is known for her roles on the dramas, “School 2013,”“Angel Eyes,” “High School King of Savvy” and “Oh My Ghost.”


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