Home » Shin Hae Chul’s death might be due to malpractice?

shin_hae_cheol_30347The National Forensic Service revealed last Nov 3 that they discovered a pericardial puncture and the cause of death of the late Shin Hae Chul was complicated blood poisoning arising from peritonitis ( inflammation of the abdomen’s inner wall) and pericarditis ( inflammation sac line membrane covering the heart).

It looked to be pericarditis according to the forensics team when they found a perforated part of about 0.3cm in the pericardium in the left part of his diaphragm.

After the small intestine was removed done in Asian Hospital , it was recorded that 1cm   perforation in the 70-80 cm of the small intestine , small amount of food has entered into that hole and thus infected the abdomen.

It was also confirmed that 15cm of the stomach’s outer wall was sutured together to shrink the stomach capacity, proof that he had a gastric band surgery.

There should be more investigation as to what the netizens are up to, if its a malpractice , there should take responsibility.