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Last January 7 show of E Channel‘s ‘Brave Journalists,’ Shin Dong Yup talked about  his wife , the producer  Sun Hye Yoon, got angry with him when she saw the he was with Lee Min Ho in the picture . Her wife is a great fan of the actor Lee Min Ho.

During the show, while discussing Lee Min Ho‘s movie ‘Gangnam 1970,’ Shin Dong Yup commented, “Lee Min Ho seems to be a really good guy.

Shin Dong Yup openly told a story about Lee Min Ho. He started off by saying, “Not long ago, when [Lee Min Ho] was receiving a commendation from the prime minister, my wife asked, ‘Should we go and give him a bouquet together?’ I refused.” He continued, “I attended the award ceremony alone and then I met Lee Min Ho. He took a picture with me for my wife who is his enthusiastic fan.

Shin Dong Yup then admittedly , “When my wife saw the picture, she sent me a text saying, ‘That’s why I said that I would go with you!’ and she got angry,” bursting laughter on the show.

Kim Tae Hyun told, “It was a simple text message and yet it sounds as if you could hear her voice.

As Shin Dong Yup  continued, “There were a lot of celebrities who wanted to take pictures with Lee Min Ho and without betraying any sense of exasperation, he accepted everyone’s [request]; I think he’s a really good guy.