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Solo artist Shannon Williams has apologized following the criticisms that she had received during her ‘V’ app.

Recently, the female artist had a ‘V’ app along with T-ARA N4’s Dani and BTL’s Jay. While singing along to a Beyonce song “Formation”, Shannon had sang along with the lyrics containing the n-word, which is considered as an offensive and a racist word. While fans are defending Shannon saying that she was simply singing along, others have also pointed out that Dani and Jay were silent on that line, most especially Jay who was loudly singing the song.

Later, after Jay did a heart sign, she commented, “You’re so gay.” Shannon had also told Dani that she “had special needs” when she was mimicking a sheep during their game segment. She had also commented that Seventeen’s Vernon was ‘not normal’ and that DK was ‘ew.’

Moreover, she had also mentioned spoilers regarding the film ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ much to the dismay of the people who have not watched the film yet.

While others have defended her saying that she was close friends with Dani, Jay, Vernon and DK and was simply poking fun at them, others have pointed out that she was being insensitive, racist and homophobic.

In response to the issue, Shannon took to her Instagram account and wrote an apology:


Check out the controversial ‘V’ app below!


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