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Block B’s management agency Seven Seasons clarify that they do not want to get any money from LG for their product ‘Zico Tint’ but want to get an apology instead.

After Seven Seasons learned that LG Household and Health Care was using Block B’s Zico’s name to sell their product ‘Zico Tint’ without their permission. In an official statement last January, Seven Seasons asked LG to correct such wrongful usage and asked for an official statement from LG.

Zico Tint

However, the agency has received criticisms from netizens saying that the company is trying to seek money from the company.

In response to the issue, Seven Seasons reveal, “The aim of our complaint with regards to ‘Zico Tint’ was simply to get an apology. However, many people mistakenly thought that we are trying to seek money or trying to be an official model for the product. However, it is not true. We only want a proper apology from LG Household and Health Care.”

The agency continues, “Money is not our aim. We thought that it is wrong to use our artist’s name for an unrelated product. Which is why we are requesting for the company that used Zico’s name to apologize. There are people who are saying that the company tried to approach us to apologize, but did not accept it. That is not true either. There is no need for them to directly come in order to apologize. They could simply use the social media to say the five-letter word ‘Sorry,’ apparently it is too hard for them.”

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