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Former KARA member Seungyeon writes a letter to fans following her leave from the group and DSP Media.

Seungyeon writes, “Everyone, it has been a while. It is Seungyeon. I have been wondering about how I should say this and I have decided to tell about how I have been doing I since I made a choice with regards to my management agency. I apologize for being late.

I joined DSP Media since I was 19, and it is a bit awkward, different and scary that I have left. I am sure that you feel the same. I debuted at 20 along with the members, I received a lot of love from fans and we took care of each other’s hurts for the past 9 years. The memories we have together are really precious to me.

Now, I am trying to make pretty memories and experiences with the fans under a new agency. We have not broken apart, turned on each other or separated before.

I apologize that you are hurt by what the world says, however, I would try to be happy with you now. I would meet you all more often and I would think about trying out different things to show you all. Even in this moment, I thank all the members, and all of you who have worried with us. It was a very peaceful 9 years. With our fans’ love… I think that we have gone well until now. Like we have until now, I want to walk with you all with no problems.”

Meanwhile, Seungyeon has recently signed a contract with J,WIDE-Company.