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Former KARA member turned actress, Seungyeon has revealed her thoughts about her former group and described her ideal type on her recent photo shoot and interview with Grazia magazine.

She reveals her ideal type by saying, “A very detailed person. Someone who has a great sense of humor. It would also be best if he could lead me. I am weak whenever it comes to making decisions, so I hope that he is someone who is good at decision making.”

When KARA was mentioned in the interview, Seungyeon emphasized that the group has not yet disbanded, and also reveals, “However, I could no longer greet people with the words, ‘Hello, I am KARA’s Seungyeon.’ It is also the same for my autographs. I used to write KARA next to my autograph all the time. But, nowadays I barely do it.”

She also says, “My fans tend to be disappointed because of that. However, for now, could you look at me as just Han Seungyeon?”

Seungyeon 2

Aside from her activities with KARA, Seungyeon has also pursued a career in acting. She is known for her roles in the dramas “Guitar and Hot Pants,” “Secret Love,” “Jang Bori is Here!,” “Her Lovely Heels,” and “Jang Ok Jung, Living By Love.”

The former KARA member has also recently starred in the JTBC drama “Age of Youth” where she played the role of Jung Yeeun.


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