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BIGBANG member Seungri revealed to have sued a former female singer for real estate fraud.

It has been reported that the BIGBANG member has accused singer Shin Eun Sung for fraud after she allegedly scammed him of 2 billion won.

In regards to the issue, YG Entertainment reveals, “Even though it is Seungri’s personal issue, we would be taking joint action with him.”

They added, “This is very unfortunate. The agency will respond with join action regarding the issue. Along with the prosecution, we would reveal the facts.”

The female singer in question Shin Eun Sung initially debuted in 2003 with “New Silver Star,” her last album “Bye Bye” was released on October 2004. It has been said that her management agency went out of business since last year, thus making the press unable to reach the singer for her comment regarding the issue.

Shin Eun Sung

According to the prosecution, Shin Eun Sung disappeared with approximately 2 billion won.

It has been said that she approached Seungri in June 2014 with a real estate investment proposal and since Seungri was acquainted with her, he agreed to invest a large sum of money. In August 2015, she approached him again and asked for an additional 50 million won.

However, after not seeing the return with his investment, Seungri has decided to file a lawsuit against the former singer for scam and fraud.

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