Home » Seungri reveals that G-Dragon didn’t talk to him for three months

In the latest episode of KBS talk show ‘Happy Together 3’, BIGBANG members appeared as special guests and revealed some past stories that they had.

Taeyang revealed, “The first time that I saw Seungri was in an audition program, in one episode, a judge had asked Seungri why he was sleeping while the others were practicing. To this, Seungri then responds, ‘It wasn’t only me who slept, everyone else did. It was edited as if I was the only one who slept.When G-Dragon and I saw that, we asked ourselves on what we were going to do when someone like that joins. Then, a week later, he actually joined.”


Seungri then revealed, G-Dragon didn’t like the fact that BIGBANG would be a five-member idol group. He thought he would be debuting as a hip hop duo like Deuce along with Taeyang.”

“One day, the practice room was open and I heard him say ‘Why should I do it with them? For six years, I have been practicing with Taeyang.’ After that, whenever he saw me he would just ignore me and leave. It went on for three months. He pretended that he didn’t see me,” he continued.

Seungri HT

However, Seungri also reveals how he and G-Dragon fixed their relationship. “After three months, there was an opportunity for us to get closer. G-Dragon and I were really into the Korean Drama ‘Goong’. He talked to me for the first time because of that drama. He asked me when the drama was going to air.”