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Actor Seo In Guk reveals his thoughts about his upcoming military enlistment and his latest drama, “Shopping King Louie.”

On the actor’s recent interview with Star News, he shared, “Of course, I will have to enlist in the military.”

Seo In Guk added, “The military is a place that I definitely have to go to. My enlistment date has not come out yet. However, I am planning to enlist when my draft notice comes.”

“People that I know have said that they think I will adjust well when I go to the military. So, I would like to enlist quietly,” he continued.

With regards to his plans before his enlistment, Seo In Guk revealed, “I have no plans as of yet. But, I think that the fans would be sad if I do not do anything before I enlist. I am thinking of several different things.”

Recently, Seo In Guk has been approved for active-duty soldier status after his physical examination and is planning to enlist by next year.

The actor also discussed his latest drama, “Shopping King Louie” by saying, “I want to say thank you to all of the viewers. At first, I heard that the theme was cliché. When the drama aired, the unique set-up and episodes were shown. The drama was able to reach many people and I think that the good results were because the viewers enjoyed it a lot.”

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