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Sechs Kies members address their rumored ‘slave contract’ with YG Entertainment.

On the June 1 broadcast of “Radio Star,” the members of Sechs Kies appeared as special guests.

Sechs Kies

In the interview, Eun Ji Won reveals, “There are parts of the contract which overwhelmed me since it is such a large-scale company. We had ambitions to get support from a powerhouse management label and make a comeback.”

He also reveals, “I have stated this in the past interview, I said that this was a slave contract. However, YG is the real slave. Yang Hyun Suk said himself that he was the slave. That is how much he considered us. He provided us with top-quality treatment.”

Kim Jae Duk also reveals, “I am a bit regretful about the contract length. I would have wanted it to be ten or twenty years. We could not tell the actual length, but we would like to stay with YG as long as possible.”

However, Lee Jae Jin goes to reveal their contract length, saying, “It is three years.”

Jang Su Won then adds, “We would like to be with YG until the end of our entertainment days.”

Previously, the first generation idol group was announced to have signed a contract with YG Entertainment on May 10. While member Go Ji Yong did not sign along with the other members, it is said that it would still be possible for him to join the group for their activities.


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