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First generation boy group Sechs Kies reveal their thoughts about their disbandment years ago and their plans for the future.

Regarding the group’s previous disbandment in 2000, leader Eun Ji Won shared in a recent interview, “Right then, an idol’s marketability was based on whether they could become a sudden but short-lived star or not. No matter what kind of group that is, it is a tough thing to decide regardless of when they choose to do it [disbandment].”

He also added, “Even if it was really difficult to disband when we were at the height of our fame, I thought that it was the right decision to make at that time.”

When asked about the public’s reaction to the disbandment of Sechs Kies, Kang Sung Hoon responded, “There were fans who have supported us since they thought that it was sad that we only promoted for a short amount of time. I think that new fans were able to gain momentum from that as well.”

With regards to their plans for the future, Kang Sung Hoon revealed, “We have recently given our fans a present, and our fans have given us a big present as well. As what Eun Ji Won said, the fact that we were able to enter the charts is something that we are thankful for. In 2017, we will be returning with a new track.”

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies has recently made their comeback after 16 years with the song, “Three Words.” They have also released the album, “Re-ALBUM.”

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