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Previously, the fans have discovered the screenshots of Girl’s Generation’s latest Japanese single “Catch Me If You Can” which includes former member Jessica Jung.


Although many were skeptical at the release of the screenshots, saying that they were fake and edited, others have pointed out that Tiffany had bangs in the leaked [OT9] video while in the officially released [OT8] video she had no bangs.

Tiffany CMIYC

Following the surfacing of the screenshots, the full music video was uploaded online which reveals the nine members.

After the netizens did some research, they have also discovered that Jessica Jung was in fact singing the chorus of the song while reading a magazine in the third episode of her variety show with her sister f(x)‘s Krystal in “Jessica & Krystal”.

Watch the clip here:

According to rumors, the song and MV of “Catch Me If You Can” [which Jessica was included] was shot last year. It was supposed to be a gift to the fans during the group’s Tokyo Dome concert last December. However, due to the controversial departure of Jessica from the group on October, the MV was not shown and was re-filmed without her. The group also included a side track “Girls” which is allegedly a dedication song for Jessica.

Watch the full MV which includes Jessica below!

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation has been revealed to be in the final stages of preparation for their Korean comeback and is reported to be promoting on variety shows.

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