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Contestant Sangmin from the Mnet talent survival show “Boys24” has been revealed to be withdrawing from the show.

During the last broadcast of the show, it has been announced that Sangmin, leader of the Unit Sky, would be leaving the program. With regards to this “Boys24” reveals, “Sangmin has shared his wishes to withdraw due to issues such as health. We have decided to respect Sangmin’s wishes after much worrying and discussion.”

The program also shares that they are sad to see him go, but they hope that fans would continue to support and encourage Sangmin.

They also add, “We would then be holding a ‘Favorite Member Return Match’ to choose a participant who would fill Sangmin’s slot. We would also choose four additional contestants as a precautionary measure in order to avoid certain situations which could happen due to the nature of their extended period of performances.”

Fans would then be able to choose the contestant(s) that they would like to return to the program beginning on August 10, 11 pm KST until August 14.

While the final twenty-four contestants of the show are already chosen, they would all still be performing in different venues before the final six contestants would be selected and given the chance to debut. The winning group would then be permanent, unlike I.O.I from Mnet’s previous talent survival show, “Produce 101.”


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