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Phantom’s Sanchez addresses the ‘evil editing’ on “Show Me the Money 5” through his Instagram account.

On the recent broadcast of “Show Me the Money 5,” contestant Sanchez was portrayed as the one who suggested using a different beat for their upcoming team performance.

He shares, “The whole team was regretful that we have disappointed our producers. It was not shown on the actual broadcast. However, after saying that we need to change our lyrics two days before the mission, the producers Gil and Mad Clown were the first to suggest ‘How about you guys use a different beat since there are only two days left?’ However, that part was not shown. Instead, it seemed that I was the one suggesting everything and solely pushing for my decisions. After that, we shared our opinions and chose a new beat while thinking about the BPM (which was also not shown). I said to myself, ‘So this is evil editing.’”

Later, Sanchez deleted his post and replaced it with a different message saying that he got disappointed after seeing the ‘evil editing’ of the show. He also clarifies that he does not want to add fuel to the fire nor bring harm to anyone because of his post. Sanchez also reveals that he is regretful since he believes that he could have been able to portray his feelings in a positive way. He also apologizes and thanks his fans.

Previously, “Show Me the Money 5” producers Simon D and GRAY also commented on the show’s ‘evil editing.’