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A member of Super Junior,  Sungmin (28) will be tying a knot and Ryeowook (27) will sing the congratulatory song.

According to many insiders and reporters in an exclusive by Star News last Dec 10, it was announced that Ryeowook will sing the congratulatory song of the wedding couple to be , Sungmin and musical actress Kim Sa Eun (29). The wedding will be at The Raum in Yeoksamdong, Seoul on Dec 13. From a reliable source close to Sungmin, it was told to Star News that ” “Ryeowook will be singing to congratulate Sungmin on his marriage.


Celebrities like Brad Little, Lee Gun Young, and Seo Ji Young will also be singing at a private event which will be for families, friends and fellow celebrities.

It has been announced to a media outlet about this wedding invitation of these loving couple.