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Super Junior member Ryeowook reveals that he almost became a member of SHINee.

On the recent airing of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” Ryeowook appeared as a special guest to promote his solo album. In the interview, he reveals that he would have been a member of SHINee if he did not join Super Junior.


He shares, “I selected a date for myself to enter SM Entertainment before debuting. I had thought that I would audition on October 24 of 2004 and pass. And it really ended up happening.”

MC Yoo Hee Yeol then asks, “Did you know that you would be a part of a group which has so many members?”

Ryeowook then replies jokingly, “I was really cursing them when I saw articles that there would be a 12 member group debuting. I was thinking, ‘Would that even work?’”

“To be honest, SM was actually wondering if they should place me in Super Junior or SHINee. If I had not joined Super Junior, then I would have been SHINee’s leader,” he reveals.

He also shares, “Once, I used to be upset whenever I compare myself to the other members, however, I really love my voice. I fall asleep while listening to fan-made albums which only play my parts.”

Meanwhile, his solo album “The Little Prince” was released on January 28.

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