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Super Junior member Ryeowook has recently taken to his social media account to ask the fans to avoid sharing fancams from his concert.

Following the release of his solo mini album “The Little Prince”, the Super Junior member has recently held his first ever solo concert, “Ever Lasting Star.”

However, following the end of the second night of his concert, Ryeowook has posted on his Twitter account his thoughts on the people who have been sharing fancams from his concert.

Ryeowook writes, “People have uploaded fancams from the concert. I am disappointed. Even if it is for the fans who have not yet seen the concert, I still don’t think that it is right. Please avoid from sharing fancams.”

ryeowook-twitterMeanwhile, Ryeowook’s post seems that may have caused a division among fans. Other fans have agreed with Ryeowook’s statement and have defended his opinion, some fans have also disagreed with his statement and have expressed their disappointment.

The fans argue that often times, fancams are the only access for fans who could not be able to watch the concert of their favorite idols, most especially the international fans. Moreover, in the case of Ryewook’s solo concert, the tickets were so exclusive due to the size of the venue that even the domestic fans had a hard time getting tickets for the concert.

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