Home » Ryeowook Apologizes, Heechul announces hiatus on SNS

Because of the recent issue regarding their co-member Super Junior‘s Sungmin’s wedding announcement it seems that Super Junior is worried about their fans called ELF for the heartache they are experiencing.

On October 16, Super Junior‘s Ryeowook who is the DJ for the radio program KBS Kiss the Radio, flash a paper in the camera that has writings “I’m Sorry and I Love You ELF” pertaining to all the Super Junior fans.


On that day also, Super Junior’s Heechul posted on his Instagram’s bio “I will return after the ups and downs settle down a bit. I am sorry to everyone.. Thank you. You guys haven’t done anything wrong..”

ryeowook_1413511592_heechuland posted it also on his personal Weibo stating that he will not update now and see you in Macau.

Don’t you just love these guys who are very concern about their fans’ feelings?


Don’t worry ELFs! They have much instore for us as they announced also that they will have a repackage album entitled “This is Love”  that will be released online on October 23 and offline on October 27.