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Korean rock band Royal Pirates (RP) reveal their difference from the other Korean rock bands, particularly FT Island and CNBlue.

On November 30, the showcase for Royal Pirates’ new album “3.3” was held. On the event, the rock band was asked as to how they are different from the other rock bands out there such as FT Island and CNBlue.

Moon Kim reveals, “We have been playing together since we were young, and I think that we have our own originality. Though I could not say that we are mainstream, I do think that we have a sound that is unique to a three-man band like us.”

EXSY adds, “We have grown up listening to different kinds of rock while we were living in the U.S. so I think that our colors would be different. I also think that we have the advantage of being able to communicate with the foreign fans easier, both culture and language wise.”

The rock band was formerly known as Fading From Dawn and have played at several Korean events in California. The band, under the name Royal Pirates, gained fame after uploading covers on Youtube.

The band made their Korean debut in 2013 with the digital single “Shout Out.” They are making their comeback with their third album after a year and four months.

Their new album is produced by Jung Jae Yoon from the legendary R&B group Solid.


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