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Rookie group ROMEO has recently released teaser for their debut track, however, netizens claimed that they have plagiarized INFINITE’s concept.

CT Entertainment’s new boy group ROMEO along with their Japanese agency Pony Canyon is set to reveal the group’s debut music video for “Lovesick,” as well as their first EP ‘The ROMEO’ this month.

On April 30, the rookie group released their album cover to which netizens quickly reacted and criticized the group for supposedly copying the “Season 2” concept of boy group INFINITE.

They have even posted the concept photos side by side and compared the both of them. The netizens pointed out that there are lots of similarities in terms of the fonts used as well as the outfits and the blocking of the members.


After seeing the MV teaser of “Lovesick”, others have also thought that the group looked like INFINITE yet sounds like other K-pop boy group Boyfriend.

Some netizens have also thought that it might just be some sort of publicity by ROMEO’s agency so that the rookie group would immediately gain attention.

Neither INFINITE’s agency Woolim Entertainment nor CT Entertainment, as well as both groups involved ROMEO and INFINITE has not yet released statements regarding the plagiarism issue.

Meanwhile, ROMEO drops full music video for “Lovesick” this May 7th.

Watch ROMEO’s MV teaser for “Lovesick” where members show off their charms below!

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