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Another rookie group we are about to get excited for in the coming year. Producer of MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ named MAMAMOO  is one of the rookie groups who will be performing on stage soon.

Last January 28, PD Kim Myung Jin told OSEN, “They are so talented, I was shocked. I felt as though they really enjoyed the stage. Their expressions on stage were lively and their vocals were outstanding.” The producer even  added that he was even more impressed by their remarkable performance on ‘Immortal Song’.

It seems that they are well prepared and ready to face the limelight. He also pointed out that G-Friend is also a new group yet has been receiving positive responses and said, “They seem to have prepared a lot for their debut.

Watch out MAMAOO’s great performance on ‘Immortal Song’ that blew the heart  even the producers of music shows.