Home » “Real Men” apologizes for the march song of the Japanese Navy and for exposing an actor’s SSN

The MBC variety show “Real Men” production crew and producer Kim Min Jong apologizes to the viewers for the mistakes that happened during their latest broadcast.

On the November 29 broadcast of “Real Men,” the editing team had used the Japanese Navy’s official march called “Warship March” as the background music of the show. Moreover, the show had accidentally leaked the Social Security Number (SSN) of actor Yi Yi Kyung.

In regards to the issue, the production crew wrote an apology for the mistakes through the show’s official homepage. The production crew wrote, “On the broadcast of ‘Real Men,’ because of the negligence of the production team, inappropriate background music was used on the show and actor Yi Yi Kyung’s social security number was not properly edited out, causing his personal information to be leaked.”

They added, “The production team would like to bow our heads and relay our sincerest apologies to all the viewers, actor Yi Yi Kyung and military personnel. We will practice extra caution so that this kind of mistake would not happen again in the editing process.”

Producer Kim Min Jong also told media outlet Newsen, “We sincerely apologize for incorrectly using ‘Warship March’ for the background music and for exposing Yi Yi Kyung’s social security number without editing it. It was because of the production team’s negligence. In the process of the planning and the editing, we should have checked everything more strictly and carefully, however, the mistakes arose from the production crew’s negligence. We deeply apologize to the viewers.”