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Real cause of death of actress and AfreecaTV BJ Kang Doo Ri has been revealed by the police.

Previously, the actress has been reported to have passes away due to a car accident. However, following police investigations, it has been revealed that her cause of death is not car accident but is actually suicide.

Incheon Samsan Police Station have revealed that Kang Doo Ri had been found dead on December 14, 4pm KST at Bupyeong-dong, Incheon. The police have found out that the actress had sent a message to a friend suggesting that she was going to end her life.

The police also revealed that there were no signs of foul play and have found coal briquettes as evidence that the actress had committed suicide.

Moreover, the hospital which Kang Doo Ri’s body was taken to is unable to give clear answers. An employee of the said hospital only reveals, “We could not give a precise cause of death. We only gave consultation for the wake, it would be on December 16.”

Meanwhile, a few days before the actress passed away, she wrote on her AfreecaTV page, “I am having a difficult time nowadays since I am experiencing a lot of bad personal problems. Following the end of the drama and doing broadcasts, it was getting better. However, the situation became bad and did not go as planned and I could not do anything. I am sorry. I am going to get ready and return after being calm. See you next week.”

Kang Doo Ri made her acting debut through the drama, “Three Brothers” and also starred in the recently ended drama “Sassy Go Go.” She is also a broadcasting jockey at AfreecaTV.