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VIXX members Ravi and Leo reveal their thoughts on being viewed as the tougher members of the group.

On the recent interview and photo shoot of VIXX members Ravi and Leo for Dazed magazine, they opened up about their group and the people’s perception of them.

Leo reveals his thoughts about the group’s cute and bright concepts by saying, “Laughing since you are having fun and you are enjoying versus pretending to laugh are different. I have difficulties with doing bright and cute concepts.”

Ravi also agrees by saying, “Yeah. It is probably because we are used to doing dark and heavy concepts.”

With regards to their tough outer appearances, Ravi shares, “I could not start a conversation with another person. In fact, it took me a year to be close to a staff member whom I work with very often. Since I only say what I need to say, I sometimes get asked if I have other worries. However, once I become comfortable with others, I joke around and open up. I tried my best for this interview as well. I even smiled when the staff talked to me.”

Leo also adds, “A lot of people say that I look scary.”

With regards to the possibility of a VIXX LR comeback, Ravi reveals, “There are a lot of people who are waiting for it than we have expected. It will happen at the right time, This year, we are thinking of focusing on VIXX promotions.”

Ravi and Leo

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