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Rapper Swings has posted on his Facebook account that he was discharged early from his military service due to mental health reasons.

Swings revealed that on September 4, he was discharged from the army with eleven months remaining in his mandatory military service after a review of his fitness for duty as an active soldier.

He shares, “Since I was young, I have been receiving treatment for many mental illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder, major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder.”

“All of those mental health issues become worse whenever I am under stress,” he adds.

Swings also explains, “I was taking medicine in the training center and was going through mood swings. I would spiral downwards and get depressed, then go through a period of high where I feel elated and start crying again.”

“As things grow worse, the dosage of my medication was increase, and for a few months, I could not do anything and basically just sleep. Being discharged from the army would be a blow to my pride and I suffered through it. However, in the end, I applied to be considered as unfit for duty following the recommendations of my officers,” he continues.

Finally, Swings reveal, “For the remaining 11 months, I would be focusing on my treatment and would not be active in the entertainment industry. Thank you for your understanding. See you next year.”

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