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Rainbow leader Jaekyung reveals her thoughts on dating and relationships, including her ideal type in recent interview.

On a recent interview with media outlet Newsen, Jaekyung was asked if she has a boyfriend. The Rainbow member then reveals, “I have always dated in secret. However, right now, I really do not have a boyfriend. It is a period where I want to get married. However, it is also a period where I am being careful, so I am thinking a lot. I am thinking more since I am at the age where my friends are getting married and have kids.”

Jaekyung also adds, “I would never be in a public relationship. It is complicated, enough with just the man and the woman, however, with my job, if we would go public with our relationship, there would be a lot of talk about our relationship. I do not want to make an issue even more unmanageable.”

Later, Jaekyung reveals her ideal type and says, “I like people who I could have a great conversation with and have an opinion. I also like people who love themselves and who can love others. I also hope that he is someone trying to find out more about his self.”

Meanwhile, Rainbow has previously released their third mini album “INNOCENT” last February with the lead track “Black Swan.” Currently, the members are busy with their individual activities.


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