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Singer and actor Rain reveals that he is currently working on his new album on the interview with Singles magazine.

On the recent interview and photo shoot for the cover of Singles magazine, Rain talks about his future plans and his family.

“I used to go on talk and variety shows all the time before. However, I do not have much to say these days. I enjoy my personal time,” Rain reveals as he has been away from the public eye recently.

Meanwhile, Rain has recently wrapped up his solo concert in Seoul and would be having his second world tour starting in Guangzhou, China.

He also reveals that he is currently working on a new album, “This new album is totally for my Korean fans. I produced the album and I am giving it my all as though it were my debut album. The expectation of the public are high these days. I could not just get by. The public’s eyes are precise.”

When asked about the thing which he could not give up, he reveals, “I can give everything up I have for my family. I can start from the bottom again if needed. I am happy when I am with my family. That is what makes me who I am.”

Meanwhile, his full interview and more of his photos would be seen in the January 2016 issue of Singles magazine.

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