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Producer Kim Ji Hyun of the MBC drama, “Star in the Universe,” which stars EXO’s Suho, apologized to EXO fans for harsh treatment during filming.

According to the EXO fans, around 200 of them gathered to take part in a scene for the drama. They arrived at 5 PM and stayed overnight despite the cold weather. They claimed that the staff of the drama was rude to them, yelling directions and treating them harshly. Moreover, the EXO fans also claimed that none of them received any pay since the producer assumed that their chance of working with a member of EXO is already an incentive.

To this, EXO fans shared their experience on various online communities and criticized the producer and staff of the drama.

In response, producer Kim Ji Hyun wrote an apology saying:

“I want to apologize to the fans who might have been hurt. I am deeply sorry. I will contact all of the participants in the shoot and will take responsibility in any way that I can. The drama has the theme of respecting fandoms. It was written and made through a long time of carefully considering the hearts of each and every fan. If the hearts have been hurt, then I no longer have the reason to work on the drama. Actor Kim Joon Myun gave his best for the drama and was an actor who received the greatest love from the staff. I treated him with adoration and worked in the drama. We are trying our best to deliver the drama like a present. I apologize again on behalf of the producers and staff.”