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Previously, the police confirmed that the complainant Ms. Lee has dropped her charges against JYJ member Yoochun.

According to the reports, Ms. Lee revealed her thoughts as to why she withdrew her charges by saying, “There was no force during the sexual contact with Park Yoochun. However, I filed the claim since I felt that he and his group saw me as an easy person.”

The police also reveal that they plan to continue their investigations on the case. A representative from the police station explains, “The sexual assault charge has been withdrawn. However, the investigation about the incident will still continue. The investigation will be made so that we could come to a definite conclusion about the suspicions against Yoochun. It is also likely that Yoochun and the complainant will be called if needed.”

The police also referred as to how the law does not require for the alleged victim to press sexual charges for the police to investigate a case.

Following the news of the withdrawal of charges, Yoochun’s management agency C-JeS Entertainment reveals that they will be cooperating with the police for any investigations in order to prove his innocence against the sexual assault accusations.

Meanwhile, Yoochun was seen returning to his post as a public service personnel at the Gangnam-gu Ward Office Station in Seoul. He enlisted for his mandatory military service since August of 2015.

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