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Polaris Entertainment responds to the latest rumors regarding an upcoming comeback of their girl group Ladies’ Code this year.

Previously, it has been revealed that the three remaining members of the group have returned to living in their dorm and continued their dance and vocal lessons under the agency.

Polaris Entertainment reveals through TV Report on May 29 that there are still no plans for the group’s comeback.

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A representative from the agency also revealed that Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny are counting on each other to be able to get through the hardship that they had. The girls have continued their lessons and have continued to receive therapy. However, as of now, there are still no plans for a comeback.

“The members are holding into their dreams and are working really hard, so please wait for them a little longer,” the representative added.

The agency also confirmed an upcoming memorial concert in Tokyo, Japan by the three remaining members of Ladies’ Code in honor for their former members RiSe and EunB who have passed away after the group along with their manager had suffered from a tragic car accident September of last year.

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The representative was asked as to why the memorial concert would be held in Japan, he responds, “RiSe grew up in Japan. Aside from that, the other members have also wanted to promote and pursue activities in Japan, so we have planned the memorial concert to be held in Japan.”


Stay tuned for more updates regarding Ladies’ Code!