Home » Pledis Entertainment and Kahi have ended contract but with good hopes and good memories


It so saddened that Kahi and Pledis Entertainment revealed that her contract with the agency was coming to a close and she would be departing on amiable terms.  Now, as her contract ends, Pledis Entertainment stepped up once again to say their thoughtful farewell.


The agency spokesperson said, “This week, Kahi’s 10-year exclusive contract with Pledis will end.  Kahi, who is an artist under the head office, has come to say a beautiful farewell to Pledis Entertainment, which she had become fond of over the last ten years.  Meeting great success after debuting in After School and going solo, Kahi has become able to take on a new challenge and beginning with the end of her contract with Pledis Entertainment.

Pledis highly acknowledges the boundless energy of and possibilities for Kahi, who recently expanded her domain of activities to even performing in musicals; Pledis believes and is confident that she will become an even more matured entertainer in the future.  As we go our separate ways and remain as supportive friends, Pledis will support Kahi.

It is nice to know that artists and agencies go together very well , ending with harmony and respect .