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Previous interview with health trainer and TV personality Ye Jung Hwa comes to light after news of dating actor Ma Dong Seok.

Recently, the couple has been reported to be dating for three months. According to the reports, Ye Jung Hwa and Ma Dong Seok became close after becoming labelmates. The two also share the same interests in the English language and exercise.

To this, their agency, Daydream Entertainment revealed, “The two of them are in a relationship. A bachelor and a bachelorette have just started a great relationship. Please look upon them kindly.”

Following the news reports, fans dig up Ye Jung Hwa’s previous interview with International bnt last January of 2016 where she talked about her ideal type.

“I like someone like Ma Dong Seok. He seems macho but, I think that his real personality is probably very gentle. Whenever I look at a guy, I do not care about their height. I also prefer chubby rather than skinny. My brother is really skinny like a model, which is why I tend to get attracted to a dependable buff man,” Ye Jung Hwa shared.

She also revealed, “I do not have a boyfriend right now. However, I do have someone that I like. Right now, it is a one-sided crush. He does not know that I like him at all. I could not reveal who he is. I am just liking him alone without being able to show it.”

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