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The participants of Mnet’s biggest survival show “Produce 101” has finally been unveiled on “M Countdown.”

The participants were unveiled after an introduction by singer and actor Jang Keun Suk who would also be the mentor for the trainees.

The show brings together 101 female trainees from different management agencies both local and abroad. The show would be selecting 11 trainees out of 101 participants to form a project group and would stay together for a year in order to release an album under record label CJ E&M.

On the latest broadcast of “M Countdown,” the participants performed an EDM track “PICK ME” made by DJ KOO and Maximite. However, three trainees were unable to perform due to personal reasons.

Watch their performance below!


Here is the partial list of female participants who would be taking part in the show:


*JYP Entertainment

Somi (from survival show ‘SIXTEEN’)


*MBK Entertainment

Chaeyeon (DIA)


Cathy (DIA)




*DSP Media

Chae Kyoung (from survival show ‘KARA Project’)

Chae Kyoung

Shi Yoon (from survival show ‘KARA Project’)

Shi Yoon

*Pledis Entertainment

Jung Eun Woo (from ‘Voice Korea’)

Jung Eun Woo

*LOEN Entertainment

Im Na Young (Backup dancer for Raina and San E’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”)

Im Na Young

*Duble Kick

Chanmi (Former member of F-ve Dolls and Co-Ed School)

Chanmi 2

*WM Entertainment

Cha Yoon Ji (Younger sister of B1A4’s Baro)

 Cha Yoon Ji

Meanwhile, the survival show “Produce 101” is set to air in mid-January of 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates on the show and the participants!



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