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Actress Park So Hyun reveals how big of an EXO fan she is!

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together 3,” Park So Hyun proves herself to be a big EXO fan by revealing, “When EXO say that they are going to release a new album, I do not go on dates or make any sort of plans.”

She also shares, “Whenever I watch idols, I get the motivation to challenge myself at something. I like the lyrics and music they make.”

The actress also reveals that it is not only herself who is a big fan of EXO, but as well as her mother! She shares, “My mother is also an EXO fan. She is waiting by the television to watch EXO reruns three times in a row. I taught her how to surf the internet, and she came to like EXO when she was looking for videos. My dad does not know much about it which is why I have to go to EXO concerts in secret.”

Park So Hyun is known for her roles in the dramas, “Missing Noir M,” “My Dear Cat,” “The Innocent Woman” and “Lotus Flower Fairy.” She is also the host for the SBS Power FM radio show, “Love Game.”

Meanwhile, EXO has recently released their track “Dancing King” featuring Yoo Jae Suk for SM Entertainment’s “SM Station.”

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