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Actor Park Ki Woong returns to his civilian life following discharge from the military.

On February 7, domestic and international fans have attended the actor’s official discharge ceremony following the completion of his military service. He was discharge from a military base in Ui-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul.

The actor expressed his gratitude to the fans’ support and shared his experiences while serving in the military. He revealed, “I enlisted for my military service on Parents’ Day and ended up being discharged on the Lunar New Year. Thank you all for not forgetting about me and coming here.”

When asked about his upcoming projects, Park Ki Woong responded, “I really wanted to act. Which is why I selected my next project quickly. I am preparing hard for it.”

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The actor also shares the most difficult experience he had during his military service by saying, “I did not think that I would have to shovel snow since I was in the police unit. However, I had a hard time clearing it. Our base was in Seoul, however, we were in a location where it was 300 meters above sea level which is why a lot of snow fell.”

Meanwhile, even before being discharged from the military, Park Ki Woong has been revealed to be confirmed for the upcoming MBC drama “Monster” which is set to premiere in March.

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