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CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jin Young reveals his thoughts on digital ‘sajaegi’.

The issue on ‘sajaegi’ or chart manipulation has recently made headlines after JTBC’s “Newsroom” has investigated artists and music companies who have allegedly done the manipulation for their favor.

On the September 30 broadcast of the same show, the singer and producer have revealed his thoughts on the act of manipulating the music charts.

When he was asked if ‘sajaegi’ exists, Park Jin Young reveals, “I do think it exists.”

He continues, “Actually, people around me have contacted me not too long ago and asked, ‘why does your company not do it? You are being a fool. If the other companies do it and you don’t, wouldn’t it bad for you?’ and there are people who told me that they do it. I guess they were frustrated by me.”


“I explained to them about my philosophy in my company, then one of my company employees had a meeting with them. With a recording of the contents from that meeting, we decided to take legal action,” Park Jin Young continues to reveal.

He adds, “We explained the situation to the other entertainment companies around us, and the four of us took legal action together. The other companies are SM, YG and Star Empire.”

Previously, 2PM’s Taecyeon has revealed on his SNS that he had asked JYP to join the bandwagon and do ‘sajaegi’ as well, but such request was rejected and Taecyeon revealing that ‘JYP is honest.’


What are your thoughts on ‘sajaegi’?