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Actor Park Hae Jin reveals his thoughts on marriage.

In an interview with MBN, Park Hae Jin reveals his wish of marrying at the age of 35.

He reveals, “I am turning 35 in 2017. My goal to get married by then already seems to be impossible. I have said in a lot of interviews that I wish to get married when I turn 35.”

Park Hae Jin adds, “However, isn’t it impossible for someone who is 35’s door to get married right away? There is always the possibility that tomorrow, someone would appear and we could get married, however, right now, I am not thinking about marriage.”

He further explains, “Actually, the reason that I decided on 35 is because for an actor to get married at 35, isn’t that a bit early? For actors, we really do not like that standard, and others would have that prejudice against us. Actually, if we talk about getting married at 35, it is actually a bit late for men. Since I like kids and I have always thought that I wanted to get married quickly, I decided to ‘nominate’ the age of 35 to get married.”

The actor also comments, “Marriage is not something that I could do since I want to do it. I did not know that I would reach 35 so quickly.”

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin is currently starring on the webtoon based drama, “Cheese in The Trap,” playing the role of the lead male character Yu Jeong.


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