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One Way is a contemporary South Korean R&B and hip hop group under the management company of YJ Media who is also known as YJ Entertainment. The group is consists of only three members namely, the leader and vocals Chance, vocals Peter and their rapper Youngsky. The group had made their debut on the 6th of March, 2010 on the MBC’s Music Core alongside with their promotional singe entitled, Magic. Ever since their debut they had appeared in many radio shows such as MBC Starry Night, TBS K-popular hosted by As One, TBS Music Planet that is hosted by J.ae, and ARIRANG evening Groove that is hosted by their DJ Dorothy.

The group is considered to be an uprising R&B group since they had not only garnered the attention of South Koreans but also they had got the interest of the international people because of their own music and their unique “one way sound”. They had also posted up their various covers in the group’s YouTube Channel which includes Ne-Yo’s Sexy Love and made their official debut on YouTube along with their self written track titled, U-Drag, that is also featured on their first episode called One Way Street.

Members Peter and Youngsky had first met in their middle school at Sydney, Australia but as time goes by, YoungSky had moved to California where then he had met Chance in High School. All the three members are expert and fluent in speaking English and Korean languages. The group had also take some tours in some countries to share their music, one of the country that they had visited is The Philippines where they had received a very warm reception even just on the airport.

The group’s debut in the United States was held on the Stony Brook University’s K-Night on the 7th of April, 2011 and their next performance was on the Rutgers University’s Project Korea – IV on the 8th of the same month and year. Chance was used to be the lead singer if an American band called “Xtacy Xport” before had formed the group one way with the other two members right now.

Peter on the other hand had a prior experience in the Korean Music Industry in the year 2008 where had first debuted as a solo singer under a different management company. His title song and album was called “Showman”, later on, he then released his single, “like a flower”. He was also an undefeated Australian 5 time dance champion from the year 1997 to the year 2001.

Their member Young Sky was first made his appearance in the year 2009 with the South Korean boy band SHU-I’s debut music video “Bomb bomb bomb”. And he had also debuted with one way; he is the rapper of duo underground hip hop group called 37 degrees with his older brother, Kazmik Flow. Sky was also a JYP trainee and could been possible debuted as the part of the JYP’s ballad group 2AM if had decided to stay.