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The makeup team of ongoing drama “Oh My Venus,” reveals the time required in order to transform lead actress Shin Min Ah.

The actress is required to transform into an overweight character for the drama. The makeup team reveals that both the basic makeup as well as the special makeup requires at least seven or eight people for her transformation.

Shin Min Ah

They also reveal that they need to add silicon weights, smooth the patches over to match her real skin tone and have special suit under her clothes. Moreover, the makeup team reveals that the total preparation time is three hours.

A representative from the special makeup team CELL reveals, “During the five episodes that aired, Shin Min Ah has to put on the special makeup 25 times. Three hours per change means a total of three days spent on makeup alone!”

Shin Min Ah 2

“In the other productions, they film two or three scenes with the makeup and the rest for several days to keep the skin healthy. However, for this drama, they filmed everything in the makeup except for one or two shoots. Once the special makeup is on, the actress has to film for 15-20 hours and has put it back on in a few hours even after erasing the makeup,” the representative adds.

The representative also reveals the adjustments they made on episode 5 since Shin Min Ah’s character had lost 15 kilograms, “We adjusted the special makeup and were going to adjust it again, however there was no time. Since the filming was so tiring, Shin Min Ah ended up losing a little weight herself.”