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Oh My Girl’s JinE revealed to be taking a break after suffering from anorexia.

On August 25, WM Entertainment reveals an official statement about JinE ’s condition. They explain, “JinE is currently halting her promotions due to her health condition. First of all, we apologize for the sudden news to all the fans who gave lots of love to JinE and Oh My Girl.”

They add, “She has been showing symptoms of anorexia ever since her debut. She has also been going to the hospital to receive treatment. Following our long and thorough discussion with JinE , we have decided for her to take a break since our artist’s health is the most important.”

WM Entertainment also reveals, “The remaining seven members of Oh My Girl would be carrying on their activities without JinE . We will also continue to support JinE throughout her break. We once again apologize for the sudden news. Please give Oh My Girl your unchanging love and support.”

Since October of 2015, she said by herself that she has been diagnosed with anorexia because of her excessive dieting. The Oh My Girl member also revealed that she lost 9kg within two months for their “Closer” comeback and that her sudden weight loss caused her anorexia and an inflammation of her esophagus.

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl has recently held their first ever solo concert titled “Summer Fairytale” last August 20 and 21.

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