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Comedian Noh Hong Chul revealed to be returning to the small screen with two new variety shows.

A representative reveals to media outlet Daily Sports, “Noh Hong Chul has been confirmed to be appearing on the tvN street interview program, ‘Noh Hong Chul’s Street Show,’ as well as on the interior talk show ‘My Room’s Dignity.’ He would be filming for both shows soon.”

The show, “Noh Hong Chul’s Street Show,” would consist of interviews with ordinary pedestrians walking down the streets of famous locations. Since it is a tvN go production, the viewers would be able to watch the clips through the internet first. The length of the clips is said to be around 10 to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the show, “My Room’s Dignity,” is a show that would invite professionals or bloggers to share their knowledge regarding DIY interior. It would also teach the viewers some tips on how to apply these knowledge to their daily lives.

It is also said that Noh Hong Chul would not be the only MC for both of the shows, as more celebrities would be recruited to join the show.

The first filming for “My Room’s Dignity” would be on December 7 and would be premiered on December 23 at 11 pm KST.

The two shows are produced by Kim Jong Hoon, who has worked with Noh Hong Chul in the SBS variety show “Gold Miss is Coming.”

Stay tuned for updates on Noh Hong Chul’s return to the small screen!


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