Home » Nine Muses’ members felt disappointed from ‘Idol Star Olympics”


From the recent interview with OSEN, the members of Nine Muses showed that they are displeased in participating in the ‘Idol Star Olympics,’ revealing that the great majority of the male idols they met there were very shy and did not approach them as they would have liked.


They said, “I think a lot of people avoid us because of our image. We wanted to make friends at ‘Idol Star Olympics,’ but they kept their 10m distance.”

From the  rumors it states that ‘Idol Star Olympics‘ should be at least  similar to a meeting point or meet-and-greet area for many idols, but Nine Muses were very much disappointed when they were left to keep to themselves.

The girls stated that, “The result [of our competition] was poor, but we kept our seats warm. It was mentally straining, but we tried to focus on the games. It was a place where everyone gathers, but it felt like we were alone.”

Nine Muses also commented that the male idols seemed awkward around them as they said, “We heard that ‘Idol Star Olympics’ was a meeting point [for many idols], but we don’t think we can agree at all. Male idol groups would greet us with a 90 degree bow and acted uncomfortably. We were probably the ones who appeared the most [in the games], but there was no ‘pink atmosphere.'”

Meanwhile, MBC ‘Star Idol Olympics’ will be airing on February 19 and 20.