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Former KARA member Nicole talks about the burdens on promoting solo in recent interview.

In a recent interview of Nicole with Japanese media outlet Oricon Style published on the 17th, the idol talks about the difference of promoting solo than in a girl group.

When she was asked about how she felt on performing on the stage alone, she reveals, “I’m filled with anticipation and joy. Honestly, I was also very anxious to be on the stage last April in ‘KCON 2015 Japan’ for my solo. It has been a long time that I have been in Japan, I was worried that I might have been forgotten.”

Nicole solo Mama

“When I first performed as a soloist, I have gained courage whenever I hear my name. I was always so worried that the stage might look empty when I perform as a solo artist. I have always been a part of group, so for me, it was quite hard to sing and dance alone,” Nicole reveals.

“It has also been a while since I was active on stage, I am seeing a lot of juniors. I debuted when I was 17 which is why I was always the maknae, but it is different now. This is why I am feeling more responsible like an adult. I want to become a figure which my fans could be proud of, saying that they are ‘Nicole’s fan’. I am going to work hard to make that happen,” she adds.

Nicole also reveals, “My goal in Japan is to have a #1 hit on Oricon.”

Meanwhile, Nicole gears up for her solo debut in Japan with ‘Something Special’ which is set to be released on June 24.

Check out the short PV below!