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During the BTOB performance of SBS’ ‘Gayo Daejeon,’ a person who is believed to be an SBS staff had uttered a remark which has offended BTOB fans and the fact that more than half of the group’s performance was edited out.

A netizen then posts online saying, “I am angry that more than half of BTOB’s stage was being but, but what made me angrier is about the attitude of an SBS staff… As soon as BTOB’s stage began, some man said, ‘Why are they doing a musical again?’ which made me feel really offended. Even if you are not a Melody, doesn’t it make you angry? What is worse is that it was heard by the members through their earpieces. It is the first time that I cried as part of a fandom and felt annoyed and frustrated, so I wrote this. I can’t sleep and my hands are shaking kekekekeke. I would be grateful if you shared this post.”

Moreover, the netizen shared a screen capture of an alleged apology from SBS regarding the questionable comment which reads, “First of all, we apologize that we did not look into the issue sooner. The mic glitch is a misunderstanding. The only mics present were the ones handed to the artists and the ones installed in the audience seats. No mics were handed to the staff members. The production crew would look into the exact cause of the glitch, however, in the meantime, it was determined that it was not the voice of our staff member.”

Watch the clip to hear the comment in question below!

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