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A netizen reveals a shocking news regarding the conditions of mascots Minky and her puppy Sapphire of the popular tvN variety show, “Three Meals a Day.”

On the second season of the show, original mascot Minky gave birth to two adorable puppies where the cast members named them as Eddie and Sapphire.

Minky’s other puppy Eddie has been adopted by cast member of “Three Meals a Day” and 2PM member Taecyeon. However, it seems that the two other dogs were not as lucky as Eddie.

EddieOn the official “Three Meals a Day” viewer forum, a netizen uploads a post with the title, “Update of Minky and Sapphire” along with the photos of Sapphire showing his poor condition with his messy fur and having little energy.

Minky and Sapphire - Sapphire

The netizen goes to reveal that he had gone to visit the puppies but was shocked of their current conditions. The netizen writes, “The grandmother who owns Minky had sold her for 100,000 won.”

The netizen also reveals that the grandmother does not know where Minky currently is, while Sapphire remains with her. The netizen adds, “Sapphire was crawling with ticks. He looked a lot weaker and more down compared to the other dogs out there.”

The netizen also asked for help by saying, “It would be great if we could send Sapphire some essential medication and equipment. He needs continuous help and love rather than just being a cute thing on display.”


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