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NCT leader Taeyong cries while apologizing for his previous scamming controversies and thanks his fans and members.

On the first episode of NCT’s reality show “NCT Life: Pep Rally,” the members of the group had private interviews and shared their behind-the-scenes preparation for their new sub-unit NCT 127.

Previously, netizens discovered that Taeyong had made several scams on online trading sites when he was still in middle school.

During Taeyong’s interview, he reveals, “I thought a lot about what I should do. Prior to my debut, I was young and did things which I regret and I am embarrassed about.”

He adds, “I still could not think of anything else but that. My head is just full of thoughts about it.”

Taeyong also explains, “I should have said this earlier. However, I did not think things through, and I was very immature. I would like to apologize sincerely to those that I hurt when I was not trying to understand other people.”

The NCT member also says, “In the future, I have to do better.”

He adds, “I have to do better so that I could be confident and honorable in front of the other members who trust and like me. I think that is what I really have to do,” while bursting into tears.


Taeyong also thanked his fans for their support as well as his members for their understanding.

Meanwhile, NCT’s sub-unit NCT 127 has recently made their debut with “Fire Truck,” and talked about their debut and their goals in another interview.